For the purpose of this Student Clinical Placement website, the following definitions apply.

Glossary of terminology

Approved Practitioner: A suitably qualified ACT Health staff member that students/trainees can go to for assistance if they can't contact their supervisor. Example would be the supervisor's manager or lead professional or lead professionals delegate.

Clinical Placement: defines a professional practice placement undertaken within a workplace setting by allied health, medical, nursing and midwifery students/trainees, inclusive of undergraduate, post-graduate and 'return to profession' programmes that are formally undertaken with an education/vocational/tertiary institution and/or professional association bodies.

Director of Nursing - refers to a person who is responsible and accountable to the Chief Executive Officer, the Deputy General Manager of the Canberra hospital or equivalent. The role is multifaceted, but the mandate is to provide excellent standards of care to clients and a safe and harmonious work environment for the staff within available resources.

Educational Institution: refers to Australian institutions offering professional qualifications. It includes universities, and institutions of technical and further education.

Lead Professional's Delegate: is the person or persons nominated by the lead professional to take on the coordination of teaching and training for that discipline. This person is often a clinical educator for that profession.

Student: refers to students associated with an Australian education insitution.

Student Supervisor (ACT Health): is the ACT Health staff member responsible for the supervision of a student on clinical placement.

Trainee: refers to a person not employed by the Territory seeking to obtain placement experience with the Territory and may include:

  • A health professional who requires clinical placement experience to obtain or maintain registration in the Territory or else where in Australia, or to update existing qualifications
  • A student of an overseas institute seeking to gain clinical placement experience in Australia
  • A non-citizen of Australia sponsored by an international health organisation, for example the World Health Organisation, seeking to gain clinical placement experience in Australia
  • A student of an Australian institute seeking to gain clinical placement experience independently of that institute
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