Patients and Visitors

Visitors are welcome, and can often be the highlight of a patient's stay in hospital.

The hospital also selectively welcomes visitors to tour the hospital's facilities and grounds. Please contact the hospital's Public Affairs Office for further information and assistance.

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Visitor information

Visiting hours
Visiting hours at Canberra Hospital have changed to 0600 to 2100, except for Mental Health and the Alcohol & Drug Service.

Download: Visiting Hours - Guidelines for patients (December 2014) (PDF File - 2339k)
Visiting Hours - Guidelines for visitors (December 2014) (PDF File - 1377k)

Intensive care unit (ICU) and Neonatal Intensive care unit (NICU)
Note that the visiting hours for the Intensive care unit (ICU) and the visiting hours for the Neonatal Intensive care unit (NICU) are strictly limited.

Before visiting
Visitors are asked to check with the Ward Reception or Nurses Station before visiting a patient. There will be times when the Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC) or Team Leader determines that there is a Rest Period, for the benefit of patients, staff may request that visitors step outside or leave so that care can be provided when necessary. We ask that visitors respect this and understand that rest is a necessary part of recovery.

Limited visitor numbers
An excessive number of visitors may be tiring for some patients and overwhelming for patients in shared rooms, so please try to limit the number at any one time. We also ask that patients and their visitors be respectful to staff and other patients. Children who visit must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Around the Hospital

Staff identification
All staff members are required to wear an identification badge. This badge will state the name and position of the staff member. You may ask to see a staff member's identification badge at any time. The Canberra Hospital nurses can also be identified by the uniform they wear. This comprises a mid blue shirt/blouse and navy trousers or skirt. Please feel free to ask staff members about their roles within the organisation.

Public telephones are located throughout the Hospital. Limited patient telephones are available in selected rooms, using the Telstra Phone Away system. $10 cards are available from the Hospital Auxiliary Shop. This system allows you to make local, STD or international calls immediately. Please ask a ward staff member for more information. TTY (Telephone Type Writer) facilities are also available for the hearing and speech impaired. Please ask ward staff if you require this facility.

Mobile phones
When in ward areas please ensure mobile phones are switched off as they may interfere with sensitive medical equipment.

Pot plants and flowers
Pot plants are not permitted in the surgical wards, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or the Maternity Unit. Flowers are permitted in all areas except the Intensive Care Unit. Other restrictions may also apply. Please note: nursing staff are not responsible for the care of patient's flowers.