Student Clinical Placements

Image of an acute student clinical placement

ACT Health accepts students and trainees undertaking health and health related courses for clinical placement within the Health Directorate facilities.

ACT Health is committed to providing quality clinical placement, supervision and/or management of student and trainees - health professions which does not compromise safe multidisciplinary patient-centred care.

ACT Health provides a wide range of options for undergraduate and post graduate students from Allied Health, Medicine and Nursing and Midwifery disciplines to undertake student and trainee clinical placements.

Student Placements Online - New Front Page For Students

There will be changes to the front page of the Student Placements Online (SPO) Database from February 2013. These changes are designed to make it easier for all students to complete the necessary requirements online before they commence their clinical placement.

The new front page will be Live from 01/02/2013. Each time a student logs on to the SPO System they will see the below view.

Sreen shot of the Stundent Placement Online system

The new front page has 3 clear steps for the students to follow:

  • Step 1: The mandatory eLearning courses are listed so that the students are able to identify which courses they are required to complete. They are given information on how they can complete each course. There are extra optional courses available.
  • Step 2: The students are given a link to the Student Acknowledgement Form and instructions on how to complete the form and upload it back into SPO.
  • Step 3: The students are also now able to record their attendance at a Manual Handling face-to-face course.

These new steps are intended to give students better access to SPO and a clearer explanation of their responsibilities prior to their clinical placement.

Student Clinical Placement Unit (SCPU) information

The ACT Government Health Directorate offers Student Clinical placements in:

Theatre in action during a clinical placement

All student and trainee placements are coordinated through the ACT Government Health Directorate's Student Clinical Placement Unit (SCPU) and adhere to the Health Directorate's policy and procedure for the clinical placement system.


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