Radiation Safety Section

ACT Health is seeking nominations from interested members of the public for appointment to the ACT Radiation Council (the Council). The appointment is anticipated to commence around May 2015 to fill an expected vacancy on the Council. For more information see the Council webpage.

The Radiation Safety Section of the Health Protection Service helps to enforce the principles of radiation protection including the process of Justification, Optimisation and Limitation. We help to ensure that radiation exposures to workers, patients, members of the public and the environment are kept as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

In the event of an emergency, contact us 24 hours a day on (02) 9962 8612.

The Radiation Safety Section of the Health Protection Service administers the Radiation Protection Act 2006 and the Radiation Protection Regulation 2007.

We regulate the use, supply and service of ionising radiation in medical, research, and industrial applications and the safe use, transport, storage and disposal of radioactive substances. We also regulate some sources of non-ionising radiation such as solaria.

In conjunction with The Radiation Council we oversee the issuing of Radiation Licenses and the registration of Radiation Sources.

We provide scientific and technical advice to the ACT community and the Minister for Health on all ionising and non-ionising radiation safety matters in the interest of minimising health risks and protection of the environment.

Online Radiation Licence Application Form

The Health Protection Service is trialling an online form for new radiation licence applications.

Apply Online

Please note the online application requires payment by credit or debit card at the time of submission (Visa or Mastercard only).

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