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Health Professional Salaries

The following salary rates apply to Allied Health professionals covered by the ACT Public Service Health Directorate (Health Professionals) Enterprise Agreement 2011-2013. An Associate Diploma, Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification is a mandatory requirement for employment under this agreement which can be downloaded at

Health Professional Level 1(New Graduate)

New graduate salaries are graded according to the length of the full time course of study.

2 year qualification $50,889
3 year qualification $54,414
4 year qualification $58,048
5 year qualification $62,109
6+ year qualification $65,424

NB: New graduates awarded an ACT Health Allied Health Undergraduate Scholarship will receive scholarship payment(s) in addition to their base salary.

Health Professional Level 2

Salary range $54,414-$75,477

Health Professional Level 3

Salary range $77,710-81,995
Two additional paypoints ($84,562-$86,165)are competency based paypoints accessed via the Health Professional Level 3 Personal Ugrade for the Recognition of Excellence Scheme.
Eligibility criteria apply and more information can be obtained at the following link

Health Professional Level 4

Salary range $89,786-96,809

Health Professional Level 5

Salary range $106,086-119,426

Health Professional Level 6

Salary is $123,208

Other classifications covered by the Health Professionals Agreement 2011-2013

Additional classifications covered by the current Health Professionals Agreement include Dentist Levels 1 through to 4, Medical Physics Registrar, medical Physics Specialist, Senior Medical Physics Specialist, Principal Medical Physics Specialist and Chief Medical Physics and Radiation Therapist Grade 1.1 through to Grade 6.3. Full details of salary ranges for these professions can be accessed at Annex A of the Agreement-see below:

Download: Annex A-Classifications and Rates of Pay (PDF File - 1076k)


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This salary information page was last updated on 17th October 2013.

For further information on salary ranges,pay points and/or starting salary enquiries please contact the Office of the Chief Allied Health Officer on (02) 6205 0893