Standards of Practice

Review of the Standards of Practice for ACT Allied Health Professionals

In 2004 the ACT Government introduced new legislation, the Health Professionals Act 2004. The principle purpose of the Health Professional Act was to protect the health and safety of the public by making certain that health professionals are competent and fit to practice their professions. To support the legislation of the day ACT Health developed core (non-clinical) generic standards of practice for ACT allied health professionals, including companion guidelines on continuous professional development.

At the time of publication the Practice Standards incorporated 5 key areas as listed below however the publication and CPD guidelines have since been identified as requiring review to update and reflect current research, evidence and new regulatory and legislative contexts, especially in relation to national health practitioner regulation.

- Interaction with the client;
- The health professional;
- The practice environment;
- Interaction with professional colleagues; and
- Responsibilities to the community.

Progress to date

A range of consultation opportunities have been completed including publication of a consultation paper, consultation forums, online survey and key informant interviews.

The revised document is currently being finalised and will then be submitted for endorsement through the appropriate ACT Health governance pathways.
Final publication is anticipated by end 2014.

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Standards of Practice for ACT Allied Health Professionals (PDF File - 420k)
Continuing Professional Development information for Health Professionals (PDF File - 159k)
Continuing Professional Development information for Health Professional Boards (PDF File - 162k)