Policy Framework

Policy framework.

The ACT Government has recently made the following policy commitment to supporting the development of health and medical research in the ACT:

The ACT Government will work with the ACT health and medical research community in the following four endeavours:

1. Supporting the development of the health and medical research community in the ACT and surrounding region in a way that builds on our local advantages; including planning for the coherent development of research facilities, communication technology, training in research and major research collaborations.

2. Ensuring a whole of government approach that coordinates the evolution of the ACTs health and medical research effort with industry development and commercial investment.

3. Pursuing the ACTs interests in the development of national health and medical research policy and playing a strong part in the implementation of that agenda on behalf of the nation.

4. Encouraging policy and practice oriented research by the health and medical researchers; and supporting research and evidence based policy and practice in the provision of health care.