Community and at home support

Community Health offers a wide range of community and at home support and treatment services to people with chronic conditions, or to those discharged from hospital who have continuing support needs.

Please call the Community Health Intake line (02) 6207 9977 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm to make an appointment.

Home-based nursing

Community Nurses provide an extensive range of nursing services to people in their homes, including:

  • intravenous antibiotics
  • wound management/dressings
  • catheter management
  • post chemotherapy monitoring and central line care
  • end of life care

Our Services

Ambulatory Clinics - These clinics also offer the above nursing services at our four health centres.

Continence Clinic - Assessment, advice and treatment for people experiencing bladder and bowel problems. There is no fee for these services, however there is a fee for continence aids and appliances.

Nutrition Services - Services including the co-ordination of special dietary needs, infant formulas and the enteral feeding program.

Occupational Therapy - Assistance to people with home safety issues, assessment and retraining in activities of daily living eg showering, dressing, feeding, equipment prescription eg wheelchairs, pressure area devices, bathroom equipment, home modifications, education on a wide range of topics to assist people to regain and maintain their independence.

Podiatry - Foot care services including basic foot care, screenings for foot complications, wound care, and biomechanical assessment and treatment. Special screening clinics are provided for people with diabetes as they are at higher risk of foot complications than the wider community.

Physiotherapy - Services for people who are experiencing mobility problems, are at risk of falling or have musculoskeletal pain.

Social Work - Services including bereavement counselling and assistance for people having difficulties adjusting to a chronic illness or experiencing stress as a carer.

Speech Pathology - Services including assessment, treatment and education regarding eating/drinking difficulties, or problems affecting successful communication due to speech, language, voice or fluency difficulties.

Wound Clinic - An integrated wound management service.

Who can use these services?

All residents of the ACT and surrounding region.

Service access

Discuss your needs with your GP or call (02) 6207 9977 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm to make an appointment.


The majority of these services are provided free of charge.