access health

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access health demonstrates the ACT Government's commitment to further improving the health of people living in the Canberra region.

To achieve this requires planning, identifying the priority health issues, focusing on those key initiatives that will deliver the best results, and investing wisely to reap maximum returns.

As a key health document, access health sets the future direction for public health services for the next three years access health ensures that people have access to the right type of healthcare. We will work with our partners in primary healthcare to provide health services that meet people's needs.


The views expressed by community members at a Health Forum in March 2007 influenced the development of access health. This continuing partnership between consumers, government agencies, general practitioners and other private healthcare providers and non-government organisations will be essential to the success of the plan.

Over the next three years, pressures on our health system will undoubtedly increase. access health will help us maintain our high standard of health in the ACT and ensure that we build on that good foundation to provide healthcare to our residents when and where they need it.

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