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Cancer National Service Improvement Framework

The National Service Improvement Framework for Cancer is an essential tool for driving improvement in health services for the national health priority area of cancer. The Framework provides a high level guide for service planners, designers, funders and providers in helping to deliver the most appropriate evidenced-based care for cancer.
pdf icon Cancer National Service Improvement Framework (PDF File 293k)
Caring For Carers Policy

The Caring for Carers Policy embodies the ACT Government’s commitment to better acknowledge carers and address their needs. The Policy outlines 7 core principles that will be actioned through an implementation strategy coordinated by the ACT Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services.
pdf icon Caring For Carers Policy (PDF File 334k)
Child Protection Policy

• The ACT Health Child Protection Policy establishes the guiding principles, responsibilities and legislative basis for ACT Health staff to protect unborn children, children and young people aged 0 and up to 18 years. • The ACT Health Child Protection SOP aims to improve the protection of children by assisting both clinical and non-clinical ACT Health staff to understand and fulfil their responsibilities in relation to child protection, including how to make a child protection report. • The ACT Health Child Protection Practice Paper provides additional information on child abuse, neglect and child protection issues to assist ACT Health staff, students and volunteers fulfil their role in protecting children and young people, to be child-centred in their practice, and to protect and promote the best interests of the child.
pdf icon Child Protection Policy (PDF File 247k)
pdf icon Child Protection Practice Paper (PDF File 737k)
pdf icon Information Sharing Fact Sheet (PDF File 127k)
pdf icon Making A Child Protection Report To Care And Protection Services Fact Sheet (PDF File 274k)
pdf icon Prenatal Fact Sheet (PDF File 122k)
pdf icon Reporting Form For Care And Protection Services (PDF File 108k)
Children’s And Young People’s Justice Health Services Plan 2008-2012

The Plan identifies a framework for the management of the health of children and young people in detention within the youth justice system. The Plan defines the role of ACT Health in providing for the health needs of residents; identifies key health needs of the current and expected populations of Bimberi, the services required to appropriately meet these needs, best practice strategies for providing health care to residents, and linkages between government agencies and community services to assist in providing services for residents; and proposes key performance indicators to monitor its implementation.
pdf icon Children’s And Young People’s Justice Health Services Plan 2008-2012 (PDF File 335k)
Children's Plan 2010-14

This ACT plan guides decisions by government and non-government sectors about policies, programs and services for children up to 12 years of age through to 2014.
pdf icon Children's Plan 2010-2014 (PDF File 1884k)
Chronic Conditions Strategy 2013 - 18

The ACT Chronic Conditions Strategy 2013 - 18 sets a direction for the care and support of those living with chronic conditions in the ACT over the next 5 years. Although the ACT enjoys good health compared to the rest of Australia, the prevalence of chronic conditions is increasing significantly and currently accounts for nearly 80% of the total burden of disease and injury in the ACT.
pdf icon Chronic Conditions Strategy 2013 - 2018 (PDF File 878k)
Clients In Community Setting With Deteriorating Health Status Selecting Not To Follow Health Professional Recommendations

This document provides a standard process for ACT Health clinicians in the community setting to manage clients with a deteriorating health status that choose not to follow health professionals’ care recommendations.
pdf icon Clients In Community Setting With Deteriorating Health Status Selecting Not To Follow Health Professional Recommendations (PDF File 54k)
Clinical Repository Implementation Planning Study

A clinical repository is the first step on the journey to a shared electronic health record and will move the ACT from point to point exchange of clinical information to a shared information model.
pdf icon Clinical Repository Implementation Planning Study (PDF File 5951k)
Code Of Conduct

Sets the behaviour that ACT Health expects of its employees.
pdf icon Act Health Code Of Conduct (PDF File 19k)
Community Sector Funding Policy

An overarching framework for ACT Health's engagement with the community sector to deliver services in the community.
pdf icon Community Sector Funding Policy (PDF File 558k)
Conciliation Of Complaints Through The Human Rights Commission

This policy outlines the agreed process between ACT Health, Calvary Health Care ACT, Human Rights Commission, ACT Government Solicitor and ACT Insurance Authority in dealing with complaints made by members of the public in relation to Health services where the complaint progresses to conciliation. This policy has been developed to inform staff of the appropriate processes and authorisations required for engaging in conciliation with clients through the HRC process. This policy will also ensure that agency representatives are fully prepared when entering conciliation including seeking advice on liability and the appropriateness of financial compensation, if appropriate.
pdf icon Conciliation Of Complaints Through The Human Rights Commission Policy (PDF File 89k)
Conflict Of Interest Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform ACT Health staff and volunteers of their responsibilities in relation to the declaration of any conflict of interest, whether perceived, potential or actual.
pdf icon Conflict Of Interest Policy (PDF File 155k)
pdf icon Conflict Of Interest Sop (PDF File 180k)